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Leaves, faucet, and berries

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Leaves, faucet, berries

I seem to find myself on a random sort of daily shoot project recently. As I look ahead to next semester, I’ve been worried about how to begin the course now that the official Daily Shoot sight has closed it’s shop. Perhaps the vacuum created by their demise gives us a chance to create an introductory project in the ds106 framework that is executed regularly over a period of time (two weeks, a month, or anything).

The idea just emerging, based in part by a comment from Alan to my previous post, would be to include a list daily shoot type assignments for the participants to choose from. They can take them in whatever order they wish. But the additional tasks of uploading to Flicker, tagging and tweeting would persist.

This to me seems like a good starting point and I will continue to think it through in preparation for the start of classes in January 2012. Anybody else want to put on a thinking caps together?

As for the picture above, I see three or four nouns that could be used to build an authentic haiku based on Shinichiro’s Grand Slam explanation: fountain, faucet, leaves, berries. The brown leaves seem essential if one wants to provide a seasonal context

For me I’m drawn to the red berries – some chewed and others not. I’m going to give this matter more thought and hopefully come up with a later post using an altered version of the image along with my best stab at a haiku.

I don’t know about you, but for me this is getting fun.

Image: Leaves, faucet, berries by me through CC licensing

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