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Bumper by marissarosario


So I finally got around to making a ds106radio bumper!The bumper includes….

1.  Love Game (Chew Few REMIX) Lady Gaga/ Marilyn Manson (UM WHAT AN AWESOME MIX!)

It would not be an original Marissa creation without queen gaga, disregard my sick obsession. Its okay if you judge me for it <3 Only the acquired tastes love her, us and then the crazies.

2. I wanna dance with somebody Whitney Houston.

I love this track, I mean it was released in 1987 five years before I was born  but I embarrassingly dance to it when I am home alone, sometimes, once in a while, always.

3. Dance in the dark- Dev.

I don’t know much about this chick, but a great dance record.

4. D.S.1.0.6 RADIO

D-  fergilicoius – Fergie S- Glamorous Fergie 1- One time Justin Bieber (DO NOT JUDGE ME FOR LOVING THE BIEBSTER, I am not a hard core belieber but the kids got swagggg with four g’s) 0 (oh)- Poker Face lady gaga 6- 6foot 7foot (KARMIN COVER listen to their covers they are amazeballs.) originally by lil’ wayne. Radio-  On the radio Donna Summers ;] My disco music loving self.



So, I got all the audio chopped it down to the sections I wanted it, didnt really do much else except for the “radio” I echoed the word and faded it out on (Oh yeah I used Audacity).

I will admit it was super hard to find songs, and good combinations. I nearly drove my self insane.


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