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Final project: How was YOUR experience with DS106.

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Well my experience with DS106 has been amazing, it was awesome to learn techniques ie: Gifs, photoshop, audacity. ect ect. It was also awesome to find out about websites and mediums to learn about how to be creative on the interewebs.

I do think the hardest part of this class was the freedom we were allotted. When a professor (in any class not only a digital media course) tells you that your options are infinite in terms of the projects and assignments you do there are two possible outcomes, one you will pull the greatest thing out of your a$$, or two you will have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH YOURSELF.


I will admit many times I found myself wondering WHAT THE F%#* I SHOULD DO.

All in all,ds106 was amazeballs. I am looking forward to continuing my CT Minor at york, and you know hoping for the day when my infinite options points me to outcome one and NOT outcome two.

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