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A Toulouse-Lautrec story brought to new light from way back

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I’ve been thinking about an assignment I’d like to submit when it’s time to do so. I’m ready to get started because I’ve got a brand new Nikon D-3100 camera! But I probably should take a look at the DS106 course syllabus first. Realizing that there is usually no better time than right now to get the French press brewing, I’m sharing A Toulouse-Lautrec story brought to new light from way back. It’s my first creation for DS106. If you’re interested in taking this massively open online course (MOOC) along with me and other open online students, please register. Are you new to this kind of online learning course…? just like me? I found ELI’s 7 Things You Should About MOOCs helpful.

Using my Nikon D-3100 camera on the very first day I took it out of the box (just the other day actually), I took a close up shot of a poster that I purchased at a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1992. Here is an archived link. The poster was professionally dry mounted using a foamcore type method. Needless to say, the poster took a number of harsh beatings over the years. It has survived many moves and accidental drops. Not knowing quite what to do with it after my cat Quasi gnawed three of its four corners, I decided to frame it myself a few years ago in an effort to preserve it for posterity. You’ll notice I deliberately concealed the corners! It now hangs peacefully in my dining room.

After taking this photograph, I transferred to the Mac Book Pro. I used View NX2 to zero in on the main subject. Before cropping, I made a few adjustments to brightness and contrast, and also, in the color settings. The View NX2 software shipped with the D-3100 camera kit.

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