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We are the Joneses

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We are the Joneses and we are goin back to school on account of we gotta get out of Bovina and maybe outta all of New Mexico. We got a computer a couple months back and now we got the internet too. Josie is a real wiz with it. She is gonna help alot. But its caused a big trouble here with all the girls and things on the internet, but I’m gettin better with that. Damn Ned is a real problem.

We are pretty worried about the tests and specilly the math. I ain’t done math in 30 years. This class might help us if we go slow. I am better at writing and reading. I remember reading alot when I was a kid. I think.

Not really sure what we are supposed to do first. Maybe take a test or something. I cant find no book either. I called the teacher, the dog one, and he ain’t called back. Loretta is throwin fits cuz she is scared to death of the computer. She says is is gonna steal her.

Well, thats it for now.

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