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Alan Kay Pokemon card

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Assignment: This is my ds106 assignment. This assignment was that I had to choose one person from five whom I was given by the professor, and then make his card by using one random pokemon card. I chose the person Alan Kay because I thought his conception of the internet really helped our daily life.

Process: I used GIMP ver2.6 for this assignment.

1. I used tuhis pokemon card fond on the Google picture.


2.Ā  I opened the file (pokemon card) as a layer on Gimp2.6

3. I added another layer so that I could paste Alan Kay’s pictureĀ over the celebi’s picture.

4. I usedĀ  “Stamp” function and put the background color over the characters.

5. After I used “Stamp” to hide original characters, they were a little bit blurry, so I used “Repair Brush” to make them more natural.

6. And then, I used “Text” function and typed all the “Skills” and their effect (I put the information about what he did indeed).

7. I “Save”d the pictureĀ and DONE !!!!


Story: It was first time for me to use any picture editing software, such as Gimp, so it was very challenging for me puttin two different picture into one. I need toĀ get familiar with those kind of softwares because IĀ have to post new articles and my challenging on the wordpress every day.Ā this assignment, I think, was very usefulĀ and enjoyable enough toĀ attreact me to the world of cyberspace. Ā Ā THANK YOU.

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