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  1. yuka73cis

    Survey about Censorshaip

    This is my another extra credit for this class. I did the survey about the censorship in China because I posted about this topic before but I’d like to research it more. This is my review. Then, I curious that what do Chinese and people who ever been to China think about the censorship. I sent a ...
  2. yuka73cis

    Survey about Censorshaip

    This is my another extra credit for this class. I did the survey about the censorship in China because I posted about this topic before but I’d like to research it more. This is my review. Then, I curious that what do Chinese and people who ever been to China think about the censorship. I sent a ...
  3. yuka73cis

    Weird Song by using Google Translate

    This is third ds 106 assignment for an extra credit:) I’d like to do is Google Translate Fail of Web Assignments. Find something in a foreign language and use Google Translate and laugh about how awful it is.   Process I picked up this song by YouTube. This song is popular and well known since ...
  4. yuka73cis

    my cute dog

    This is my Extra credit assignment which is doing three ds106 assignments. It is second ds106assignment as extra for me. I chose 30 second Documentary of Video Assignment. Instruction Make a short, 30-second documentary, the topic is up to you. Process I took a video of my dog for 30 second to tell you guys ...
  5. yuka73cis

    Thanks a lot;)

    Today is the last day of this class, so I’m going to talk about this class. (But I will post for my extra credit until 13th that means it is not the last one post my blog.) When I attended this class which was the first time, I met our professor and classmates. It was ...
  6. yuka73cis

    All I can imagine on 2022 is…..

    2. Bryan Alexander – The Visible College: Four futures for Higher Education Choose one of Alexander’s four views of higher education in 2022 (this part of begins at the 37 minute of the talk) and imagine how your life will be in such a society. Since you will most likely be finished with university by ...
  7. yuka73cis

    Future book for Child

    This is my second ds106 assignment that I chose. I’d like to do Mashup Children’s book of Mashup Assignments. Mashup a children’s book based on another cultural artifact. Process I searched picture of this book on Google Image because I liked it and read it many times when I was young. Doing third section, our society will be ...
  8. yuka73cis

    Tells internet story around us

    This is ds106 assignmnet that I chose:) I’d like to do Tell Me a Story of Writing Assignmnments. Everything has a story. So, find an item that you have an extreme emotional attachment to, take a picture of it, and tell the story! Convey all the emotion and feeling, and let us know why the item ...
  9. yuka73cis


    1, Gardner Campbell Personal Cyberinfrastructure Discuss your thoughts and feelings about being a university student in the digital age. What do you hope to gain from your university experience? Do Campbell’s ideas about personal cyberinfrastructure resonate with you? Explain why or why not. In my opinion, I cannot say his ideas resonate with me or ...
  10. yuka73cis

    Can you be long with me?

    I haven’t posted recently because I had a lot of things that had to do:( I’m sure that I will focus on CIS class for a while!! This is an assignmnet which is an extra credit. I’d like to do ds106 for three times except requirement so that I will post ds 106 like before we ...
  11. yuka73cis

    Can we live to comfortable in 2022?

      I watched this video. “The Visible College: Four Futures For Higher Education” Bryan Alexander described what is going on 2022 when all of stuff which relate to the internet is more effective using and changing. He pointed out that increased using computers and developed internet technology caused decreasing newspaper and photos even companies. In addition, people ...
  12. yuka73cis

    I learned about Malware.

    Here is my reveiw of first topic!! I was not in school when it was the first presentation day. So, I’m doing research about Malware by myself. What is the Malware by Wikipedia. In addition, I read this article from NewYork Times which was on F.A.L.O Discussion Topic List. This article says that “This software ...
  13. yuka73cis


    I chose the sentance from  the article A personal Cyberinfrastructure, “The ‘message’ of any medium or technology is the change of scale or pace or pattern that it introduces into human affairs. (paragraph 5) Why I chose this sentance is I thought developing technology on the internet is both good and bad way. Nowadays, people ...
  14. yuka73cis

    Gambling in the internet

    I learned about Gambling in the internet when I heard someone’s presentation. (I’m sorry I could not remenber his name. If you see my blog post, please let me know:( ) Japanese style of gambling is different from American Style of gambling. However, when I heard his presentation, I thought they are similar. Japanese style ...
  15. yuka73cis

    Emphasize my favorite food!!

    The ds106 assignment that I chose is “Splash The Color” of Visual Assignment. I supposed to do the other assignment in this section because I’ve already  did Visual Assignment. However, my PC did not work on the other assignment such as audio and video so I gave up to do them….:(( I will do them ...
  16. yuka73cis

    Is this good thing?? I don’t think so….

    I heard John’s presentation that was about censorship in China.?I’d like to review about this topic:) Censorship by Wikipedia Actually, when I was AEP student, I read and wrote about this topic for essay class. I know little bit about censorship in China. China has a restrict rule of censorship. Chinese cannot get access them ...
  17. yuka73cis

    Copyright or Wrong……??

    Today, I did presentation;)) I’d like to talk about my section of “Copyright or Wrong”. First, what is copyright?? According to Wikipedia, “Copyright is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive right to it, usually for a limited time. Generally, it is “the right to copy”, but also ...
  18. yuka73cis

    Review of pornographic contents with the internet

    Today, I learned about the internet pornography addiction from nomono’s presentation. I did not know till now that people in the United States had free access to pornographic contents. On the other hand, Japanese people who are under 18 do not have access to them. In Japan, there is a site which has age limit ...
  19. yuka73cis

    It’s ghost!!

    The ds106 assignmnet that I chose is “Is that a GHOST!?!?” of visual assignments. The assignment is to take a photo which is a ghost like subject by either using a long exposure or two different pictures in photo editting software. I chose this picture. (I think someone know this picture because I used it as ...
  20. yuka73cis

    Tony Tony Chopper became real deer!!

    The ds106 assignment that I chose is cartoon the head of design assignment “Take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it. Be creative.” I searced two pictures from Google image. Process: 1, I used GIMP for editing two pictures. 2, The picture of geer used as layer. 3, I cut ...
  21. yuka73cis

    tdc 46

    tdc 46 a video by yukamohi on Flickr. TDC is to make a short video something cooking. My boyfriend took for me a video when I cooked for the dinner. It was Yakiniku Salad.
  22. yuka73cis

    tdc 47

    tdc 47, a photo by yukamohi on Flickr. Today’s assignment is to take a photo that features your favorite color. I chose this picture from Google. Because I like blue and light orange. I like sky and when I see clear sky, it lets me clear my head....
  23. yuka73cis

    # My dream Car!!!

    ds 106 assignment, a photo by yukamohi on Flickr. The ds 106 assignment that I chose is ‘Car Lust’. “So I wanted to submit a new visual assignment. All of us, most of us anyways, have a dream car. This is a simple assignment. Take a picture, or find a picture on the web of ...
  24. yuka73cis

    ds106 assignment

    The assignment I chosed is Visual assignment of Wiggle Stereoscopy because I saw someone’s assignment which was interesting. In addition, I think it is easy to make interesting fake 3D picture. This assignment is to take two photos of the same subject from slightly different angles. Merge the two photos into a single looped, animated gif ...
  25. yuka73cis


    tdc42, a photo by yukamohi on Flickr. Today’s assignment is to take a photo of that represents my job, or a job that you once had. I’m working as a softbank campaigne girl at electonics center. My working schedule is once per week. It is li...
  26. yuka73cis

    Infograph Analysis.

    Here is our infograph.   My part is the last 14 (Internet Usage among adult Americans) and 15 (According to U.S Department of Commerce, the internet is misused in the workplace). # The point of 14 talks about the how the purpose of using internet change have also caused the number of the adult Americans ...
  27. yuka73cis

    TDC most prized possession

    , a photo by yukamohi on Flickr. The assignment is to take a photo of your most prized possession. This is my shirt which is using for wall decoration. When I was high school student, I was a member of cheer leading group. When I was senior grade, this shirt was designed by us. It ...
  28. yuka73cis

    TDC someone else’s artwork

    SAVE0075, a photo by yukamohi on Flickr. The assignment is to take a photo of someone else’s artwork an interesting way to make it yours. I searched someone else’s artwork in Google. I found this picture. I’m not sure that it is interesting. However, this picture made me happy when I found picture. Also, I ...

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