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DS106 Assignment (Photo Editing) 2

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Phew……my second picture !!!!

Assignment: In this assignment, I needed to choose two pictures and make one composite picture. For this time, I chose one picture with a random beautiful scenery and Mr. Ichiro who is a great beseball player who is known to everyone. I also quoted a wise remark from Roberto Baggio who was a great soccer player. It is in Italian and means, “Those of who cannot fight now do not qualify to talk about the futture.”


0. Open the GIMP2.6

1, Upload one picture which becomes the base.

2. Resize it to the proper size

3. Upload another picture as a layer.

4. Use “Pass” function and surrond the area to cut

5. Press “Cut”

6. Open the new layer and “Paste” it.

7. Type the word using “Type” function.

8. Set the proper font and size and place it on the top.

9. Adjust the position so that two pictures fit together.

10. (Move picture) to make the cut line look more natural.

Story: It  was third time to use GIMP2.6 and I basically did the same thing as last one. It took me shoter than last time of course and I manged to edit it without reading instruction.

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