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An Analog Guy Got His Own Domain

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Purchasing my own domain was not difficult. I purchased it from Hover. But after that, I thought pointing my domain to web hosting account meant transferring it. When I tried to transfer my domain to Bluehost, the following instruction popped up.


A Happy New Blog!

The domain was registered within the past five days with another registrar ( Co.). You will need to wait 60 days before trying to transfer. Some registrars allow deleting the domain within 5 days of signup. If the losing registrar supports this, you may be able to delete the domain and signup for the domain here immediately. Check with the losing registrar ( Co.) for details.

I was confused and asked how to do Prof. Smith through his blog. According to Mr. Smith, pointing and transferring were different and  I did not need transferring it. After logged in Hover, I changed name servers from “ /” to “”  I still do not understand what I did, but my posting my domain seemed to be successfully done.

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