1. norihide miyazaki

    What visual effects can give to my works


    Honestly speaking, I have been more interseted in photo assingments than video assingments in this course. As a final project, I choose a story telling about my pictures on which I added digital effects.

    A story teller is from Extranormal, which offers animation characters who can speak and move according …

  2. norihide miyazaki

    You are fighting for me


    This work is for  Animated Music Video in Video Assignments.

    Honestly speaking, I hardly see animations.

    First, I decided a music. I chose I will always love you because I just wanted show my respect for the great singer.

    Then, I picked out scenes from Macrosss, an old animation produced …

  3. norihide miyazaki

    One of my favorites is Deer Hunter


    These scenes are from Deer Hunter.

    In this scene, Michael (Robert De Niro) and Nick (Christopher Walken) are forced to play Russian roulette by Vietnamese soldiers. Michael is firm, but Nick is timid and depressed.

    Nick’s face is almost always shot against the light and some shades are on it. …

  4. norihide miyazaki

    The War Is Over


    This work is for “Culture Clash” in DesignAssignments.

    People in North Korea worship the liberty



    I replaced the Statue of Kim Il- song in North Korea with the Statue of Liberty.

    The United States is always considered as en enamy in North Korea.

    I wish I could see …

  5. norihide miyazaki

    A girl in a park


    This photo is for the assignment for the commic book effect in the visual signments.

    A girl in a park. The photo is added by comis book effect


    I think the keys were color, brightness and sharpness.

    Using GIMP, I played with the balance of color and brightness. The …

  6. norihide miyazaki

    What is Web2.0 ?


    The essential philosophy of Web 2.0 seems to be user generated contents. The position of user has changed from consumer to participant. The flow of information has gone in one direction for a long time. It has been controlled by the mainstream media organizations in the era when we have …

  7. norihide miyazaki

    An Analog Guy Got His Own Domain


    Purchasing my own domain was not difficult. I purchased it from Hover. But after that, I thought pointing my domain to web hosting account meant transferring it. When I tried to transfer my domain to Bluehost, the following instruction popped up.


    A Happy New Blog!

    The domain miyazakinorihide.com was …

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