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I found Superman in Manhattan

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I guess Superman lives there!


This photo is for the assignment of Splash the Color

I used GIMP to create this photo. First, I downloaded GIMP for free and then I googled how to use GIMP. Some say using “layer function”┬áis helpful. Layer is one function to pile many pictures as an animation movie is made. However, clicking the icon of┬áscissors select tool or free select tool and encircling the part where I wanted to ┬áleave the color┬áseemed much easier. Then I inverted selected area and┬áchanged the color of the photo into┬áblack and white┬áexcept┬á┬áthat of the area I selected first.

Actually, I changed the whole color to sepia rather than black and white, and put the edge to make the photo seem like an old movie.

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