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Master Yoda has lead us over years

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This work is for “Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From?” in DesignAssignment.

In human history, people always respect Master Yoda

To create this picture, I basically used 4 layers in GIMP.

The background(=painting),¬†Yoda,a robe¬†which¬†a¬†woman in front of¬†Yoda¬†wears and¬†Yoda’s¬†shadow.

First, open the painting for the background.

Second, cut out Yoda from a picture of Star Wars by using a tool that can selects area and put him on a new layer

Third, clip the robe that is supposed to be in front of Yoda from the background and put it on another new layer.

Then create a new layer and paint Yoda’s shadow by using air brush function.

I tried to make the edge of Yoda more natural, but I could not find what worked well.


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