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DS106 Photoblitz

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Today in class we did a “photoblitz” and got 20 minutes to take, edit, and upload 3 photos to Flickr that we had taken inside DuPont Hall. One had to make an ordinary object look supernatural, one had to show someone displaying an emotion, and one had to make use of converging lines.

These are the 3 that I took:



The first shows converging lines, and I just set my camera against a piece of molding on the wall that intersected with a couple other pieces of molding. For the second picture, I photographed the water fountain while it was on, and then played around a little bit in iPhoto with the adjustments and rotation. The third photo is of an emotion, and she is supposed to be showing happiness.

I liked this assignment because it forces you to make quick decisions about what you want to photograph and how to edit it in a way to complete the assignment.

You can see other student’s photos here.

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