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So this is my first blog post and unfortunately, it is being written in a word document. I am currently still struggling with getting my blog page started. This is not my first blog. I have a xanga account along with tumblr. However, this is my first experience with setting up a domain and host site. My blogs from the past were simple and free. I refer to them as the click and get started sites. This process was clearly more complex than that, which I believe the entire class can agree with. Purchasing a domain was the easy part. The directions were clearly stated and all you really needed to do was pick the name for your site. I ran into my first obstacle of making a decision for a title of my web page. I chose my name, mainly because I couldn’t think of anything creative at the time, or at least something that I knew would stick. I completed the process of the domain through hover and there were no complications yet. Then I was introduced to cast iron coding. Being unfamiliar and new to this host site, I was confused shortly after I purchased it. I logged in just fine and created an account. Then I attempted to log into cpanel and the site kept telling me my login information was incorrect. During this process I was emailing customer service through cast iron coding and a very nice gentleman was assisting me through my problems. My dear friend, Nicole, also helped me to figure out that I was using the incorrect login information when I was trying to get onto my host site. I finally logged into cpanel and it felt great! I knew I could continue the process and finally create my blog. Unfortunately, I ran into another problem which I currently still do not have the answers to. I went to install wordpress on my site and I keep running into the problem of having an incorrect email, which I really do not understand because I only use one email. Today I tweeted out to Jim Groom and asked for help, along with tweeting out to my class in general. Emerald answered my tweet and she responded saying that she would help me with my blog tomorrow morning before class. I also emailed customer service again at cast iron coding. Right now, all I can do is wait and see if I can get some help!! Wish me luck!

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