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  1. Lindsay Kenney

    Happy Birthday Billy Shakes!

    So it was actually William Shakespeare’s birthday the other day. I was never a fan of Shakespeare. I struggled to make sense of his writing because it was challenging. However, I know it is something I will, one day, have to teach, and I am okay with that. When I took a Shakespeare course at … Continue reading
  2. Lindsay Kenney

    Let’s get digital…digital

    Do you know what digital citizenship is? I did not either. There are nine themes of digital citizenship which are extremely important for those who are venturing out into this tech-savvy world. These themes consist of Digital access Digital commerce Digital communication Digital literacy Digital etiquette Digital law Digital rights and responsibilities Digital health and … Continue reading
  3. Lindsay Kenney

    Information Fluency

    After an extensive discussion along with various references and articles, I am now currently awake of what information fluency is. Digital Information Fluency is a way to find information in an effective way. Once you understand these components, the title now makes sense. In class, I was fortunate enough to work with Chelsea Backus and … Continue reading
  4. Lindsay Kenney

    Tweet Tweet

    I have been a twitter user for a while now, and I actually had no idea what a tweet chat was until recently. When researching what a tweet chat was, I came across an interesting comparison to “small talk at a cocktail party” and I found that to be humorous. What is a tweet chat? … Continue reading
  5. Lindsay Kenney

    Book Crazy :)

    So I went book crazy this break! I went to the thrift store by my house over spring break, and let’s just say…I was in HEAVEN! So many books! I grabbed as many as I could hold, and I probably will go back. For those who are wondering, here is what I picked up… Jane … Continue reading
  6. Lindsay Kenney


    So, this actually happened last week, but during my observation at Fabius Pompey, I was actually able to sit in at a CSE meeting. Basically the meeting was for some of the staff, including principal, guidance counselor, math and english teacher, and special education advisor to sit down with a classified “resource” student and his/her … Continue reading
  7. Lindsay Kenney

    Women and Body Image

    This video was extremely interesting and inspiring for a growing young woman. It is amazing to me to see how many young ladies out there struggle with self-esteem and body image. I know I have friends who struggled, friends who are beautiful and still think otherwise. This video, in all honesty made me angry at … Continue reading
  8. Lindsay Kenney

    Pain Demands to be Felt

    In a blogging mood today. I adored this novel. To be honest, it probably took me 2 hours max to finish reading it. This quote is one of my favorites, which I found surfing tumblr. “Pain demands to be felt.” It is so true. If we couldn’t feel pain, then how would we know the … Continue reading
  9. Lindsay Kenney

    Cortland Creeper Status

    Cortland Creeper Status Creeper Status So for the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to collaboratively work on a radio show podcast with a few of my classmates, Emily Heyden, Ashley Keough and Nicole Morello. We were able to pick a topic of our choice and create this spectacular radio show. All four of … Continue reading
  10. Lindsay Kenney

    Why Online?!

    As a future educator, I am a strong believer in working with others to flush out ideas. It is so beneficial to work with others because you are able to build off each other’s ideas. I know in my future classroom, I will stress the importance of group work and creating a comfortable environment. I … Continue reading
  11. Lindsay Kenney


    So I just finished reading The Scorpio Races. It was amazing… I’m calling it now, it will be the next twilight, hunger games trend. I cant feel it! When I read this novel, I kept relating the characters of Sean and Puck back to Katniss and Pita. Just a suggestion…you should read it! Some of … Continue reading
  12. Lindsay Kenney

    Doing the Leap Dance

    This daily create is dedicated to the leap year. This picture was actually taken by my friend Adrienne. It is a picture of her cousin dancing. It is such a natural yet difficult pose. I really enjoy the concept of leap year. Being Irish, I love the myth/movie about how on leap year it is … Continue reading
  13. Lindsay Kenney

    kitty purry.

    This daily create assignment was to take a picture of your favorite scent. My favorite scent is actually spearmint or peanut butter. I just love how those things smell. However, this is a perfume that I wear that I really like as well. It is Katy Perry’s perfume titled Kitty Purry. Part of the reason … Continue reading
  14. Lindsay Kenney

    aRt IS bEautifuL

      Take a picture of someone’s artwork in a way to make it your own. I give credit where credit is needed. This oil pastel drawing is actually of my mother and father on their wedding day. It was illustrated by my older sister, Shannon Kenney. She is currently an art education major at Towson … Continue reading
  15. Lindsay Kenney


    This daily create assignment was to make a silhouette by aiming your camera at a bright light. I tried to find something in my room that would create a cool design. The only thing I could really find was this picture frame my sister gave me for my birthday last year. It was really difficult … Continue reading
  16. Lindsay Kenney

    hoedown throwdown

    This image was actually taken in disney world by myself. My post card was inspired by The Hannah Montana Movie. I can honestly say that I HAVE seen this movie. I watched it with my sister when it first came out. I wrote the post card from Tennessee because that is where the movie takes … Continue reading
  17. Lindsay Kenney

    name that tune

    The third image is a representation of images that go with popular songs. The background image is one of my all time favorite songs, Firework by the beautiful Katy Perry. The domino represents, top charts hit, Domino by Jessie J, and the flower is an Iris, by the goo goo dolls. I actually used photoshop … Continue reading
  18. Lindsay Kenney

    Novel in disguise

    The second design is an alternate book cover to Nikki Grimes’ novel, Bronx Masquerade. The actual novel is about a class of mixed race, ethnicity and gender during the time of the Harlem Renaissance. The students create poems about their lifestyles and come to realizations that they have more in common with one another than … Continue reading
  19. Lindsay Kenney

    America runs on DUNKIN

        This is my picture with a little caption. I chose to use this picture I took around Christmas of my younger sister. She was exhausted from basketball practice earlier that day, but for some reason she decided she wanted to dress up as santa. This photo was edited with instagram and paint artist to … Continue reading

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