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Web 2.0 and Storytelling

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When I was reading these articles I just kept thinking of all the Web 1.0 examples as kind of our “first try” at figuring out and using the internet to its fullest. Obviously, the Web 2.0 counterparts are better because our knowledge of the internet was better when we made them so web designers were about to give each site what it needed and not have things get cluttered.

But, when I look at Web 2.0 and the concept of storytelling via the web it really just comes down to the ability for us to share our lives. The programs and sites we use enable us to do so many things that were otherwise impossible. Its crazy that we can use things like Skype or Ooovoo to connect with people all over the world. My roommate uses Skype to chat with friends while playing online game (LoL aka League of Legends) and I’ve used Skype to video chat sessions of Dungeons and Dragons with my friends back home. What better exemplifies “digital storytelling” then a digital DnD session??

I only recently got a Flickr but I can really see how something as simple as a picture sharing site could give photographers the capability to really tell a story through pictures, allowing them to group them and order them in order to draw forth the emotions they tried to capture. It’s things like that which truly encompass Web 2.0 for me, the digital extension of the human experience.

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