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BAGMAN 2012*BAGMAN 2012*BAGMAN 2012*BAGMAN 2012*BAGMAN 2012*BAGMAN 2012*

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The Bagman 2012 campaign is under way! Here’s the first campaign video, a series of clips from four of Bagman’s opponenents. Bagman himself is independent (of course!), and is hoping to land on the Bagmericans Elect ticket.

The question is, what are YOU going to do to put Bagman in the white house? Make a poster? Make a testimonial video? Campaign ads? Slideshows?

Or are you part of the opposition–no doubt there are other (paper? puppet?) opponents out there, who’d love to take Bagman down.

So what are YOU going to do to be a part of all this?




I made the video with Windows Live MovieMaker, and I played around a lot with editing tools, set start point and end point, which are basic but I didn’t really know what I was doing before, so, a needle pulling thread.

I also recorded the soundtrack on Audacity, so that I could intro the video and do the little song at the end. The fun part–which is to say, the part that made me feel like I was learning–was timing everything so it worked. Small, but very, very satisfying.

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