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A brunette and a blonde with an inseparable bond

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Take a picture of your favorite memory.

My mom has always been my best friend. When I was younger I would scream and cry when she tried to leave me with anyone else. The only way she could escape the house without me was if she put one of her shirts on me. The scent of her soap and lotion made me feel as if she was still there. Oddly comforting. Since then I have always appreciated the comfort and emotion that a specific scent can evoke within a person.

Every time I bite into a juicy Bartlett pear, I’m back on the beach in Florida, back to a time when everything was picture perfect. However, pictures was the only medium in which perfection existed.

Running along the water being chased by the one person I wanted to catch me. Giggling uncontrollably, face-planting in the sand only to pop back up and keep running. Not a care in the world besides the sand crystals caught in the crevices of my teeth and having to stand still for the second sunscreen application.

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