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Design Assignment 1: Real Reality TV Show

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How do people in cyberspace picture one another? More specifically, how do individuals engaged in text-based computer-mediated communication (CMC), with its paucity of visual and auditory cues, form impressions of those with whom they interact? And how do expectations formed online compare with offline experiences? Researchers have begun to answer these questions, drawing primarily on theories of stereotyping. This paper uses prototype theory and related models to extend previous research and to account for discrepancies between online image and offline reality. It draws on interviews with individuals who first met others online and subsequently moved to face-to-face interaction; it also utilizes comparisons between text-based impressions formed online and photographs displayed on web pages.
Like a movie version of a book, the real version of an online person’s self cannot help but disappoint, simply because the codes and conventions of space and time are so constrictive of the power of imagination.
The assignment was to create a new reality tv show for the DS106 network.  You can see more details by clicking here.
To do this, we had to use a reality tv show generator, and this is what I got:
Cyberspace: Fraternity Room
We then had to find a description for this show by Googling the show name and taking the 1st paragraph of the 5th search result (as description paragraph 1) and the last paragraph of the 10th search result (for description paragraph 2).
This part was not to difficult, and it helped with the next part, which was to pick out photos to go with our show.  This part was a bit more challenging.  We needed 3 pictures:

1. The protagonist – This guy looked like a good candidate. 

2. An action shot – I liked the way everyone was sort of pointing at something, and I wanted it to by my protagonist.  I like that some are laughing and the guy in the light blue shirt, in the center, looks sort of like he’s yelling.

3. The setting – A frat house.

Here’s the story.  The guy playing old school atari (lets call him Billy) wants to join the frat, so he makes up a deceiving Facebook profile for rush week (I think that’s what they call it).  The frat is disappointed, shocked, and offended that Billy was trying to rush their frat.  All Billy wants is to be included.  But after a few drinks with Billy, the frat brothers find that he’s not that bad.  They go for some hikes together, they make some pancakes together, play some video games.  The action shot is actually depicting the frat (and sorority sisters) cheering Billy on, later in the season, when he is playing in a national video game conference.  It’s a Cinderella story.

Assignment worth 3 stars.


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