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Luscious Speed

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Holy smokes!

Atoms quivering, Flash and Superman vanished from the starting line.  In the first picosecond of the race, impossible acceleration hurdled the two superbeings against the fabric of time, freezing themselves in watery and unsavory purgatory of space.

Flash, glancing over at Superman, saw sublime determination and clarity.  Sweat dripping from his forehead, Flash realized, even if he won, that his own arrogance at claiming the race as “charity” might prove his undoing.

Closer….closer….much closer. Listen.  Yes my time is short, but here me out.  I dare not attempt to claim my work contests the elegance and beauty of McGuirk’s animated comic.  There are a lot relatively simple ways to do achieve glory in programs like GIMP with rotate, flip, or even lasso moves like Tatoos on this Internet displays.  Do not fear, just add your images in separate layers, go to filters-> animations -> playback and you have your GIF.

Alas my vision and my results did not match up.  Starting out, I saw in striking beauty a comic book cover with a hero in the dark and villians surrounding him.  A simple turn of the head would be titillatingly fitting but, alas, somehow I found myself on this cover and struggling to poorly pixel in some blue sweat.  Furthermore, the black pixels behind Flash’s head take a bizarre shift that I found myself unable to fix.

I did take joy, however, in reforming Flash’s shoulder by lassoing in some other parts of is body and then blurring smudging the pixels to dampen the contrasts.

Foolish, in my last breathes, to realize my greatest error was to use my novice skills as an excuse.  Vision, it is all vision with simple execution.


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