The truth about Backdraft!

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So for my first Design Assignment, and for 3 stars, I choose to complete “If movie posters told the truth.”  I decided right away to use one of my all time favorite movies: Backdraft! No joke, I watched this movie like 13 times within three days when I first got it.  It never gets old.

To make the poster tell the truth, I added three sentences to it: Hot Flames. Hot Guys. Ignites a fire in your heart. I tried to play with words that symbolized fire since this is after all a fire fighter movie.  I think the men in this movie are yummy, especially Bull! :) There is lots of flame action going on.  And lastly, you fall in love with the characters, you become attached and at the end you are really feeling the movie (I know that is kinda vague but I don’t want to give away the movie).  Note to all: If you haven’t seen this movie, make it a point and WATCH it! Will be your best decision this week.

To create my movie poster, I found the poster on Google.  I used Photoshop, it is becoming slightly easier to maneuver the more I use it. I used the eyedropper tool to configure a matching color, then I painted over the words that were originally on the poster. I had to play around with taking sample colors from different areas on the poster to try to find the best match.  When that was done, I inserted a text box and wrote my new truth about the movie.  I made the writing white so it would stand out from the fiery background.  I played around until I finally found the font that looked similar the the font that was already on the poster. And there you have it! A poster that tells the truth! Enjoy.

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