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A Note on Doodle Notes

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So class on Thursday was my favorite one yet. I just really loved it!

For one thing, I wan’t feeling too positive about my work for the design section, but after seeing a bunch of the awesome work that everyone else in the class was creating, it inspired me to step  it up!

Secondly, I LOVED Giulia Forsythe’s talk on her style of teaching/learning through imagery and the use of creative design. It just really clicked with me. I’ve always been a visual learner and I think in terms of pictures. Many times I find myself getting off topic in my train of thought during a lecture, but if I had a visual “doodle note” to accompany it, I couldn’t help but get caught up in what the lecturer was saying!

Another aspect of Giulia’s technique regarding design, which I particularly love, is how it makes technology feel more comfortable. Doodles just feel really simple and organic. They remind me of my own hand-written notes from middle school (…and high school and college :/ ). As you have probably gathered about me this far, technology scares me. I feel like it’s this cold world where everyone knows what they are doing and they all have secret a little techno chat language and special little buttons they know how to use. (DS106 is helping me break down this perception, but it still lurks in the back of my mind.) Seeing a doodle integrated into technology makes the virtual world feel a little warmer and a whole lot more welcoming!

So with all this excitement about doodling, I picked up my notebook from my favorite class and got to work on this four-star assignment! (It actually really helped me study the material.) Then when I was done, I scanned my notebook page and saved it as a JPG. Next, I uploaded it to Aviary (we are becoming pretty close friends, as of late) and added a bit of color. I wanted the coloring to also look doodlie, so i wasn’t particularly neat and I set the opacity to about 50.

Here’s the final product:


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