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Four icons walked into a bar…

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So do you remember that movie about a little boy who finds an alien and rides a bike across the moon trying to escape federal agents? Well, this is not that movie. If you would like to know what the Iconic Mickey is going on around here, it’s my final design assignment for the week! Yay, I did it! AND I used GIMP again. Look at me in my hot pants. Oh I’m fancy alright.

Ok, so this was actually the opposite of fancy. This assignment required us to use the simplest visual forms – just four basic icons – to tell the story of a movie, without completely giving it away. Sound like fun? It was! Especially since I didn’t have to create the icons, thanks to the folks at The Noun Project. Their catalog of simple icon graphics were free to download and use. Whew! I really didn’t want to get stuck looking all over for them or, God forbid, drawing them. I searched the keywords I was thinking of to represent my movie. Some misses, but overall, they had an extensive range and I easily found four to use in my assignment.

How did I do it?

  1. Download four icons from The Noun Project.
  2. Create new blank image file in GIMP > Select white background.
  3. Fill background with black. Select and delete four squares to create a grid.
  4. Open as layers each of the four icons and place one in each grid box. Save.

Done! Now for the part that I hope is at least as fun and challenging for you as it was for me and my test dummies (aka family). Can you guess what movie it is? I’m not suppose to give it away, so I will leave you with one clue: It’s something you can stream on Netflix. Hahaha… happy guessing.

(Click here to read the details of the assignment and to see other submissions.)

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