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Web 2.0

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It was really interesting to read Tim O’Reilly’s “What is Web 2.0″ . It explained how the web and Internet has been used and changed drastically since 2001. A lot of it has changed due to the change of services and applications we use to express ourselves and learn everyday on the web. Most people assumed that the phrase Web 2.0 was just a buzzword people threw around. However, it’s the advancing of web services and other programs and servers that better suit us and allow us to be more expressive with less hassle. An example of this change was when Netscape became less popular and now people use Google as their main search engine. On the other hand, Google offers more than just searching, they offer services as well but these services are not forced onto the user. Google is just a network between people and their destination. A bridge that brings the people to what they are looking for. It took a lot of management and upkeep but little patching and software updating.  Many other services began doing what Google has done. But what Google has ultimately done was organize information that was easy to find. And much of Web 2.0 did just that, made services more user friendly by collecting and managing intelligence. Many sites that are part of Web 2.0 are sites like Ebay,  Amazon and Yahoo!. These sites do all of the collecting and managing intelligence that we use to our liking.  Ultimately it got rid of the complex updating and patching of software and made sites manageable, lightweight, expressive and productive.

Also by reading  Alan Levine‘s “50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Digital Story” , I learned how to express myself using these tools to tell a story about how Web 2.0 came to be.

I used Bubblr, to create  this story describing  Web2.0 below


I have also created a different project because I wanted to make something else using bubblr.

This is the other project I made using the same site,

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