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Design Assignment 367: Propaganda Damnit!

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I started with the above image.

And this is my final product. Just to point out the changes I made, obviously I changed the text at the top to say “DS NEEDS US STRONG”and the text at the bottom to say “MAKE ART DAMNIT! Office of DS106 Fredericksburg, VA” As I typing that, I wish I had not put Fredericksburg, but something more universal like “Internet, World” or something like that. The other changes I made were taking the child out of the center and moving the adults further apart. Then I gave the person on the left a hook for a hand. My motivation for this was half because I wanted him to have a hook and half because I don’t have talent enough to redraw his hand properly. I gave the person on the left a tentacle arm for basically the same reason. I wanted to make a subtle change to both people to imply the creativity part of the poster, but my ability limited me so I chose to only change their arms. I also removed the fork and closed the mouth of the background silhouette.

How I Made It:

This is my first real try at using GIMP or any photo editing program. It was hard and frustrating and I would say overall a success.

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