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Remixed Game Cover

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Two Star Assignment

Video game cover


For this photo I took a game called Pitfalls and I remixed it to change the title of the game. At first I was going to do Halo 2 or a modern game but I figured the older games had a cheesier cover. Cheesier covers allow for a slight change to the cover to make a huge difference in the message of the cover. Once I downloaded this video game cover I had to find a text of an epilepsy so I can copy paste it as a layer in the original picture. I used the eye drop sampler tool to get the color needed to brush over the yellow text of the Epilepsy text. I then used clone stamp to edit the blue background to match the green background of the video game cover.


As mentioned before I tried to find a picture of Halo or another modern game to edit. However, it seemed much more fitting to use an older game since those covers are way over the top. Essentially editing an older picture should give more lulz than a newer picture. For this picture I tried to edit the video game title to show the possible negative effects a video game employing such odd color combinations could have on a young child. Possibly creating a seizure through the odd visuals should be a warning to children who wanted to play this game.

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