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TDC bomb 2/3

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the TDCs continue:

tdc14: a difficult to discern silhouette of something

tdc13: the raw material and a finished product – this IDE uses its own code to build itself in certain ways…

tdcsopa: a comment on SOPA

tdc010: two contrasting places (mine is slightly different with two contrasting groups of people; Afghan children & U.S. children)

tdc9 – a closeup of an everyday thing; the sun

tdc8: image representing sound – this water droplet could signify a sine wave which sounds like a very clean/clear bell tapped lightly

tdc4: someone holding a picture of themselves – in this case, a war veteran

Just like the previous portion of the TDC bomb: I don’t claim ownership over any of these, and all images are directly linked to on their original sites; please check the links for original authors. (again, I don’t have the time to make original photos for these assignments!!)


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