1. Jay Melo

    ds106 assignment – cartoon the head!


    Assignment: Fairly simple assignment; though a little technical. You just need to superimpose something’s head onto another something’s head.

    Process: I procured the two images from Google image search; one is an advertisements for actual $5 Elvis toast, and the other is what appears to be someone’s oekaki of Ren …

  2. Jay Melo

    open source advocacy


    okay, I’m late starting my final assignments for the S.O.S. section, but I’ll start with some good content, the notes from my open source advocacy presentation; full of critical keywords that build a larger picture for anyone who’s truly interested:

    open source
    open source code (will continue code explanation …

  3. Jay Melo

    Critique: A Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    I have a lot of issues with this article.

    Probably the number one issue in general though is that it appears that Campbell is advocating a “personal cyberinfrastructure” when it seems he doesn’t have any real computer-science background or programming ability, though he talks about integrating technology into the classroom, …

  4. Jay Melo

    About my F.A.L.O topic


    I did a small piece on computer security, but I think it might not be directed enough towards the presentation I had that day, so here’s a more specific response to the article I covered in my presentation for the F.A.L.O section.

    The title of that article was “Googler

  5. Jay Melo

    ds106 assignment – revamp your wordpress banner


    (image credit: me! usage: public domain!)

    Assignment: Revamp your blog by creating a new banner.

    Process: The most “advanced” thing about this new banner is the curvy text effect. There’s a few other key steps that went into the creation of the banner that I’ll outline here though:

    Created a…
  6. Jay Melo

    ds106 assignment – tell me a story (about an item)


    (photo credit: intel.com promotional product photo)

    Assignment: Find an item you have extreme emotional attachment to, and tell its story.

    Process: This is a writing assignment, so it’s not really technically demanding. The only thing I really did other than the writing is find a decent photo of my hard-drive …

  7. Jay Melo



    Campbell, in his article, states at the end of the fifth paragraph: “But the mirror lied.”

    I think it’s true that the “digital facelift” was not enough, and is still not enough, though some thought needs to be put into exactly what web applications we’re talking about here, and exactly …

  8. Jay Melo



    Today, some of our presentations covered illegal online-gambling sites like Full-Tilt Poker and company. One of the topics that came up was the funding of accounts on these sites, and how money-laundering and off-shore accounts were a common practice for such sites.

    I won’t name names, but someone mentioned that …

  9. Jay Melo



    Back on 3/7 my presentation covered malware, specifically Android malware.

    I made a point in my presentation about computer security, and the ability for just about anything that’s network connected to get hacked. It seemed some were surprised that the concept of anti-virus software extended beyond windows computers. Just for …

  10. Jay Melo

    ds106 assignment – replay value


    Assignment: Tell an original story/scene by re-appropriating a screenshot from your favorite game.

    Process: In team-fortress 2 I just took a screenshot and cropped out the rest of the game HUD/GUI. The screenshot was taken using team-fortress 2′s internal screenshot taking function because the game initializes the display in full-screen …

  11. Jay Melo

    ds106 assignment – find yourself in a picture


    Assignment: Find your name somewhere in your environment. (Could be a part of your name)

    Process: This particular pic came from Google street view in Google maps, I actually just cut out the portion that showed the company name from a buffer copy (Ctrl+Alt+Prt. Scr. on Windows) of my active …

  12. Jay Melo

    ds106 106 assignment – picture with text


    (photo was originally from here, full credit to original uploader)

    Assignment: This assignment involves simply putting a “famous quote” on top of a picture.  There’s not much else to explain about it really. I deviated from the guidelines slightly

    Process: This projected was completed very easily using GIMP’s text …

  13. Jay Melo

    TDC bomb 3/3


    the TDC bomb continues:

    tdc02: black and white photo that looks better in grayscale

    tdc1: something with patterns (in this case, graphene)

    tdc32: bram cohen, half-decent coder, representing something I aspire to be

    tdc29: something upsidedown ( original photo can be found at: http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/english/images/img_about_towerill.jpg )

    tdc27: something loud

    tdc23: object …

  14. Jay Melo

    TDC bomb 2/3


    the TDCs continue:

    tdc14: a difficult to discern silhouette of something

    tdc13: the raw material and a finished product – this IDE uses its own code to build itself in certain ways…

    tdcsopa: a comment on SOPA

    tdc010: two contrasting places (mine is slightly different with two contrasting groups of …

  15. Jay Melo

    TDC bomb 1/3


    I need to catch up on my TDCs so I’m gonna put a bunch together here, 7 in total:

    tdc42: photo representing my job (I work at the eikaiwa gaba though, I have no idea what in the heck this medicine is for)

    tdc41: one of my favorite things (intel …

  16. Jay Melo

    Infographic Critique


    For the group 8 infographic analysis assignment, me and Yue chose this Lab42 Twitter usage trends infographic.

    As far as the accuracy of the data is concerned, Lab42 didn’t include exactly where it got its data from, but simply leaves an e-mail address which allows someone to query where the …

  17. Jay Melo

    kanji wallpaper set


    (you can download the full version of these images which where they don’t have a resolution restriction here (google plus/picasaweb))

    I fashioned these wall-papers from their original image which can be found here; credit goes to the original image.

    These are very nice if you spend a lot of …

  18. Jay Melo

    troll quote picture


    (Full credit for this picture goes to the original source)

    Assignment: This assignment, which I think many others are doing, so probably most people know what it is, but I’ll stick to the assignment guidelines explaining what it is here; is about making a picture that inaccurately attributes a …

  19. Jay Melo

    An Introduction


    My name is Jay, I’m 29 and I enjoy games (many types) and computers.

    I’ve been in Tokyo for a year and a half, and am happily married.

    I have a good amount of experience with computers, including systems programming (C/C++/whatever), web development (Javascript/PHP/jQuery/whatever), digital security (consulting/implementation/XSS prevention/whatever), hardware/repair/maintenance (was …

  20. Jay Melo

    I will save you some time


    For my first post I decided to do something practical, like showing how easy it is to bulk import all the wordpress feeds by using OMPLBuilder.

    Step 1: Access Lockman’s spreadsheet in Google Docs which contains a list of all the blogs we want.

    Step 2: Highlight all of the …

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