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A Sunday Drive Gone Wrong!

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Ok, so here is my “Sound Effects Story” I created. ¬†I decided to do a story about a car crash.
It starts out with the Moon family taking a nice relaxing Sunday drive. The Moon family and everyone else are driving sensibly, when all of a sudden a loud horn, coming from the Moon family’s car, bursts out it’s warning sign. ¬†This happens right before, OH NO, a huge crash. A car pulled out in front of the Moon family and they were unable to stop.¬†The police were quick to respond, anticipation builds as you hear the police man get out of his car and walk towards the cars involved in the accident. ¬†The rest is left up to your imagination.

To do this assignment I first downloaded Audacity. ¬†Then I Googled sound clips of what I thought a car accident should sound like. ¬†I found all of my sounds at¬†¬†,¬†, and¬† ¬†They let you preview the sound and then you can download it to computer either as a Wave or MP3 file. ¬†Then I opened Audacity to a new sound page and opened all of the 6 sounds into the same page. I trimmed the sounds to make them work with my story and so they would not drag on forever. Then I was able to rearrange the sounds into the order in which I wanted them to play. ¬†I then exported my file as a wave file because not everywhere will open Audacity. ¬†And lastly I uploaded it into my blog and Soundcloud account.¬†All that together gives me my “Story of a Car Crash.”


Urban Traffic: Mike Koenig (

Car Horn;


Police Siren 3: vlammenos (

Car Door Close Outside: Mike Koenig (

Walking Away (Footsteps): Mike Koenig (


Sunday Drive Gone Wrong!

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