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Girl Talk Radio Show

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The process for our Girl Talk Radio show was long, but successful and extremely beneficial. Our assignment was to create a twenty minute segment of a radio show of our choice, with a ten minute discussion about the process at the end.
We chose to get this done and over with in one day, so it took about four and a half hours. We all decided to make this show on garageband because it is a very complex program, however it has everything you need (sound effects, songs, etc) to make the show successful.
Before dealing with technology, we all sat around and constructed a script. We all discussed what kinds of segments we wanted to integrate into the radio show- introduction, weather, traffic, news, sports, trivia, celebrities, boyfriend tales etc. Instead of writing everything down about what we were going to talk about, we just did headlines. We did this because every talk show has discussion, so we wanted to improv as we recorded ourselves, so the radio show would sound more real.
After about two hours, we finally went to a silent room and started recording. It was a disaster from the start, we had to figure you the tracks, the segments, the volume, how to add things into the tracks without deleting anything, it was a long process that took a lot of patience and playing around. We recorded our script first, and when we made mistakes we would just split the segment and delete the half that was bad. Afterward, we added in the bumpers, songs, and sound effects to add more excitement to the show.
This project was fun and beneficial, especially for us as future teachers, because now we know how to use this type of thing and integrate it into the classroom. A radio show is a form of writing, it has to be somewhat planned, it has an intro, a conclusion, and a body, just like a regular essay. I loved how each of us are different, so it brought a lot of personality to the show. It was a success!

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