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5ever: A dramatic reading

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This assignment was tricky to do. Not so much because of the fact that I had to pick something to read dramatically but because I get tons of background noise because I have to use the built in microphone on my computer. The assignment was to read something in a dramatic fashion. I chose to use the story that circulated around the internet a while ago called ’5ever.’ It’s a sad story that’s funny due to the awful grammar in the story.

A gurl was walking2 skewl wit her
Bf n they were crossin da rode.
She sed “bbz wil u luv me 4evr”
He said “NO..””
Da gurl cryed N ran across da rode
B4 da green man came on the sine.
Boy was cryin and went to pic up
Her body,
She was ded.
He whispered 2 her corpse
“I ment 2 sey I will luv u FIVE-
(dat mean he luv her moar dan


That’s the original for you people too lazy to look it up and here’s mine.

In order to deal with some of the background noise I let Audacity start recording for a few moments before talking. After I was done talking I selected the portion when I wasn’t talking and went to Effects then Noise Removal. I got a noise profile from the section with just the background noise. I then selected the entire track and applied the noise removal effect to it and cut off the beginning with the background noise.

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