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Audio Assignments 196: Dat Voicemachine.

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April Ludgate’s Voicemachine

Parks and Recreation is probably one of my all time favorite shows. April Ludgate (played by Aubrey Plaza) is one of my favorite characters on that show. For those of you who haven’t watched: number one, shame on you. Number two, April is an intern/assistant in the office of Park and Recreation and she is extremely sarcastic, dead pan and is constantly annoyed by the other characters. She scoffs, rolls her eyes, ignores everyone and texts all the time. Basically, she is hilarious. I originally thought I should imitate April and  record a message, but instead I decided to rip from YouTube videos. It is not completely cohesive, but I think it illustrates April well as a character.

How I Made It:

I found clips of Parks and Rec on YouTube and ripped the audio from them. Then I trimmed them to only include the parts with April talking about what I wanted. Then I reordered them to make the whole message go a little smoother.

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