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Batman Showing Superman Who’s Boss

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No one picture or meme inspired me to do this assignment. It was just the idea in general. When we look at pictures we interpret them in different ways and so when the pictures have people in them we can pretty much guess what the people in the picture would say if words were included.

I didn’t use a commonly known meme like those godforsaken lolcats. Instead I used a term that has become increasingly popular since the Jay-z Kanye West Ni**as in Paris song came out last year (B-Ball so hard).

I then applied it to a subject that I love Batman. Those who follow me on twitter know he is my favorite superhero because Batman could be anyone who wants to do right (assuming you have a love for bats and tons of money to spend). I took this picture of Google and love it because that’s what I feel like doing sometimes to Superman fans. he has all the powers but Batman is just cooler that’s why his movies are better.

Then I applied the words using wigflip. savd the picture to my Flickr account and bam! I completed the What’s the MEME assignment. Hopefully I could start a new trend so I don’t have to see another lolcat

The ds106 assignment was What’s The Meme

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