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Listen To One Radio Show

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I Went to the This American Life Radio page and listened to the segment on What i did for love. I enjoyed listening to this because it’s just so crazy what some people will do for love. Kristy Kruger was the woman he was talking to and I wasn’t really able to tell whether or not she was there in the studio or if she was on a call. He was talking with her about how she chose to deal with a recent break-up she had just had. It was creepy and funny how dedicated she was to trying to get this guy back.  I enjoyed all the crazy things she did from serenading him to traveling following some of his favorite bands or something like that and putting his number in bathroom stalls, asking these woman to call him and tell him that his chulupa (not sure how to spell that) missed him lol. I like the tone of the radio guys voice the whole time, very calm and not to judgey and the fading in and out with the music was done well too.

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