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Take a Bad Photo Add a Vintage Look and Write Something in Helvetica

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So this assignment along with the What’s the MEME were my two favorite to do. Part of it was they were the easiest to complete the other part was I felt they gave me the most flexibility to do what I wanted. To complete this assignment I thought long and hard about what I defined as a bad photo. Eventually I thought about how Donald Trump always has that damn toupee on his head acting like it’s his real hair when we know it’s not. That Toupee makes every picture he takes look bad by default.

So I took a picture of him off Google and started the process of completing the assignment. I used freeonlinephotoeditor to take the picture and give it that vintage classic feel. The person who inspired me to do this assignment because of the way they explained it took a picture of a dog and made it sepia.

I instead made the picture I chose black and white to mirror pictures used in newspapers long ago. Long ago meaning the times in this country when color photos were a thing of the future not the present. After that all that was left was to write something in Helvetica font.

Here I admit I got frustrated because I did this assignment on a PC. As I quickly found out there is no Helvetica font on my PC or PC’s in general apparently. There was also no such option on freeonlinephotoeditor. The best that could be done was Arial font and that’s what I used.

For The Donald I wrote his signature line “You’re Fired” from his NBC television show The Apprentice.

I should have used a Mac to do this assignment, but what can you do.

Bad photo vintage look ds106 assignment worth two stars

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