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This Quote Made me Laugh… Confirmed what I have always known

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Quote by Rita Rudner ds106 assignment Visualize That Quote
Whenever I date a guy

I think, is this the man I want my children

to spend their weekends with?

For this assignment I had to Take a random quote from heartquotes and make it come alive with photos more specifically Flickr photos. I had to break the quote apart and I did so by breaking them into the three above. Then I applied a picture that made sense with the main idea of that part of the quote. If it sounds easy that’s because it was. The assignment was worth two points and I enjoyed doing it a lot.

What made it fun was the random quote. When I got the quote that dealt with the topic women and men I immediately thought this could be funny and indeed it was. As the title of the this blog post says I’m a man and a laughed at this quote by Rita Rudner because I actually believe women always assume the worst is going to happen even when they begin new relationships.

I find that another way of doing this besides using Flickr is just to save images from the internet on your computer and upload them straight onto your blog. Either way is good and if you get a good random quote like I did the assignment is more than worthwhile.

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