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Vice City Spring Break

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The story:

After studying and working almost full time this spring semester, you save loads of money and finally the day comes when your on a flight to Miami. You finally reach and get settled in the hotel. You rest for a while until your friends are ready to go out. You don’t realize how hard you’ve work and study until your miles away from it all. How do you know your away from the hardship? As soon as you walk outside the hotel you see sexy cars, half naked people and palm trees, something you don’t usually see in Queens New York.

The picture I used was from Grand Theft Auto Vice City. I often played it on the Xbox or PSP. The text on the picture is usually where the games tells you the territory your in. For instance this game took place in Florida, so it might say “Little Havana” or “Little Haiti”. So i basally used a similar font and color they used and made a custom text.

And you know what? I can’t believe I loved that game so much, it was such a horrible game with all the crimes you have to commit.



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