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Normal to Extraordinary

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This is for the assignment Normal to Extraordinary 

My friend Cat

This is my awesome friend Cat who i have known since the beginning of highschool i used photoshop and alittle bit of help from my friend who loves to blog and love taking pictures and altering them. with this picture i used photoshop which took a longgg time but i got to use some of the brush tool features and messed around with the different kinds of modes that they give you for example some that i used/tried out was using the dissolve feature, soft light, and hard mix feature. this picture that i got from one of the photos that she took for a photography class i altered to give her more “colors” which seem to work well with the black background that she used. i think the place where i got stuck the most was when i was altering her lips because i kept messing up and it would give off the proper transition that i wanted going from green to yellow which was very frustrating but eventually got it to what i wanted it to be. i def have to say thanks for my friend cat here who came over and helped me out with photoshop and learning out to use some of its cool features and for letting me alter pictures of her.


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