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“1 STAR DESIGN ASSIGNMENT# 5? “Superhero Banner”

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For this assignment I had to create a banner of my favorite superhero….(When I was younger of!)  So I chose the Power Puff Girls because they were my favorite super-heroes when I was a child and my mother even threw me a Power Puff Girl birthday party when I turned 12…..that is one party I will never forget!! I had so much fun with my friends and family! This design assignment was the easiest of all design assignments, all I had to do was upload my picture of the Power Puff girls to and then I created the banner with borders from Picnik, and then I also used the mirror-border effect on Picnik which created triple border and then I added colors inside each border and I had the ability to adjust the inner thickness, and the outer lines thickness. Then I used the text tool to create “The Power Puff Girls” text and  the “Always At Your Rescue” text at the bottom which I used the creative fonts tools from Picnik as well. Next I went to the stickers tab where I got to choose from plenty stickers and themes to paste on my banner so i choose to paste 3 hearts in the color of each Power Puff Girl and then I added the starts on the corner of the bottom text to make it look more girly, just like the Power Puff Girls. I had  so much fun playing around with the tools and getting much more creative with them! Hope you Like:)

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