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“2 STAR” Design Assigment #1 “CARTOON THE HEAD”

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This Design Assignment is called “Cartoon the Head” , for this assignment I had to find a image of an animal and a cartoon and paste the cartoon’s image on top of the animals face as if that was the cartoon’s actual body. For my character I chose Bart Simpson from the cartoon show called “The Simpson’s”. I chose Bart because he is my favorite cartoon character on the show and I think the facial expression he has in this picture best suites the body image of a camel. The reason I chose a camel was because I think they have such a bizarre and funny shape that would look great on Bart Simpson LOL !! The process on completing this design assignment was very simple. As I stated in my other posts I simply just used, and imported the images which I saved on my desktop. Next, I used the “lasso tool” to trace the section of Bart’s face that I wanted to paste on top of the Camel’s face. After that, I used the paste button from the edit tab and placed Bart’s face on top of the Camel’s face. Finally, I used the arrow tool to arrange the face in the right position that I wanted it to be in.

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