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Audio Assignments

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I was hesitant to do my audio assignments because (this is so cliché) I hate the way my voice sounds. Not sure exactly if I hate the way it sounds in general, or just in recordings. Either way I get really embarrassed when I, or anyone else, listen to myself speak on tape.

To fulfill my stars for Audio Assignments (4 stars total) I did the McDonald’s Ordering in an Accent (??), and the Overly Dramatic Reading (??)

Mcdonalds in an accent by agroto

Dramatic Reading of Pasta Box by agroto

For the McDonald’s thing I used a weird voice, not so much an accent, just this really strange voice that my friends and I do sometimes. Weird, I know.

And for the Dramatic Reading I read the directions off of a box of bowtie pasta I had, and I added some dramatic sound effects from freesound.

After meeting with Alan Levine, he showed me how to embed the audio players right in this post, so enjoy!

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