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The Drunk Tank: Recording

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Last night team drunk tank got together to record our radio show. We were a member down due to an unfortunate mocassin incident but we soldiered on. The premise for our show was to get wasted and answer advice column questions. Simple right? It went alright at first. we got a few questions answered semi-intelligibly and there were even a couple funny parts. Soon, however, it became easier and easier to get off topic. I wasn’t sure if this was such a bad thing though. Some of the tangential stories to come out of the recording are straight up hilarious and I’d love to figure out a way to work them into the show. I figured that if we got a couple hours of recording done, there would be 20 minutes of usable stories and advice that would come out of it. We have maybe 5 questions recorded, and they are each about 3 minutes or longer. I think that should be enough to get us to 20 with commercials, bumpers and some PSA’s thrown in. I really hope so because my morning was not as fun as my night was.

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