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My MeMe two point assignment

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Taking a leap
Taking a leap

This is a picture of a lady taking a leap of faith. I actually find it inspiration sometimes you just gotta take a chance and whatever outcome you must always try to succeed
Comicbook effect 1 star assignment
Comicbook effect 1 star assignment

This is a picture i took earlier today at the jamaican queens, train station.I thought it look pretty cool, and actually resembles a seen out of a comic book.First i took this picture with comicscreen.It is an application on my android phone that changes the setting of my phone into a comic mood.So whatever picture i capture will come out already animated.

My MeMe
This is my own version of a MeMe. The president is always being judged, so in this picture. I wanted the president to seem as if he not gonna take any negativity from no one

The first step i took was to find a picture of the president with a bold expression on his face, and i came across this picture on google image. Second, I copy and saved it in my album on my andriod phone. I then doadloaded it into this application called “PICSAY.” Lasty, I edit the picture by incorporating this saying (problem?). Which gives the impression that the president is fed up with the judgments.

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