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Radio Show Update 2!

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So I know I am a little late on this one since we met on Sunday, but better late than never! :)  So Sunday was really productive for our group.  We decided to split the work up after our 1st meeting, so when we met on Sunday we had all of our scripts written.  We recorded all (commercials, 2 interviews and 1 movie review, and one bumper was already done), the outro and 6 minutes (2 movie reviews) of the show were the only things we did no finish.  We have a jingle in one of our commercials and it was really hard to get through it because we kept laughing.  I feel like my group works really well together, we bounce ideas off of each other and we all have says.  I think splitting up the writing of the scripts worked well, even though we tweaked what we said when we were recording, it was nice to have a guide.  We made plans to meet Wed night at 9pm, yikes!

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