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Asking Your… Well My Audience

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I lived in New York my whole entire life (and I’m only 21 years YOUNG!). During the Summer of 2011 I was always always always in The City. Living on Long Island there is pretty much of nothing to do, so The City was my Summer Escape. With all the nights I walked around the City, I never seen the Empire State building the way I did in this picture. I took this picture a few weeks ago after a day of off and on rain, and as I walked to Penn Station, I looked up and there was a sheet of fog covering the tip top of the Empire State building, is it me or am I the only one who thinks this was a moment worth capturing? My most important question is how come the fig and lights made the skyline look the way it did??

This assignment is called Ask Your Audience, its worth 3 stars and the feedback will definitely feed my hungry curiosity.

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