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  1. Alicia Copeland

    DS 106 Remix

    For this remix assignment I did Where’s Waldo??? With the help of Photoshop I placed Waldo in a revamped Album Cover… I lost the links to everything like a jerk, what I know the assignment was 4 stars, the original assignment was done by Michael B. Smith (My Professor)… His album cover was originally KISS… […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...
  2. Alicia Copeland

    How To Tutorial

    For the how to tutorial, the objective was pretty clear… create a how to tutorial on anything. I chose to combine clips of songs from Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia/Ultra… Amazing Album by the way… The tracks I used were: Dust, There Will Be Tears, and Street Fighters. I gave directions on how to cut, copy, paste, […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...
  3. Alicia Copeland

    Caption Pic

    Today’s daily create is to take a picture that was taken that day and leave it with a caption or headline. My pic was of the flooded bathroom I created so the caption is: HOLY S#!+
  4. Alicia Copeland


    Today’s Daily Create was to take a picture of how your day went… my day was SMASHING…. I used a app on my phone that has these Rage Comic SMS faces and I used the picture of the father from the Wild Thornberry’s with the text sm...
  5. Alicia Copeland

    Daily Create: TDC73

    For today’s daily create we had to take a picture that emphasizes the color YELLOW!!! I took a picture of my niece in her yellow sweater inside my living which is a light yellow. Instead of using my object I thought my niece would make the color ...

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