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Say it Like Peanut Butter (The Godfather)

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Anyone who has gotten the pleasure to know me knows my favorite movie is the American classic The Godfather. The scene that sticks with you when you watch the movie is the horse scene. For those who haven’t seen the movie (shame on u) the horse scene is when famous actor Johnny Fontane goes to Don Corleone and complains about a director who dislikes him and thus will not give him a part he feels is perfect for him.

Don Corleone Then send Tom his adopted son basically to make the director of the film “an offer who can’t refuse”. When the director throws Tom out of his home he awakes the next morning with blood all over him. The blood was from the head of the horse he bragged about to Tom the day before. They cut off his horses head. It was his priced possession and “an offer he couldn’t refuse”.

Safe to say Johnny got the part.

Ds106 assignment Say it Like Peanut Butter worth 3 stars

Inspired by the 300 Animated GIF because as the blogger said it’s just so bad ass (the movie) and I would argue the GIF as well

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