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Themed Verse Tutorial

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Step 1: Open Audacity. Click File -> Import -> Audio to navigate to your music.


Step 2: Find the first song you would like to use a piece of.


Step 3: Use your mouse and highlight the portion of the song you would like to use in your themed verse. After you’ve highlighted it, hit Ctrl+C to copy that portion of the song.


Step 4: Click “X” on the upper left hand corner of the audio file to delete the rest of the song and create room for your new themed verse.


Step 5: Hit Ctrl+V to paste the portion of the song you selected.


Step 6: Repeat Steps 1-5 for the rest of your music selections, copying and pasting each portion of each song into the top audio file containing all of your music pieces.


Step 7: Make sure the rest of the leftover pieces of music that you did NOT use have been deleted, then save your project and enjoy!


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