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Don’t even bother patting yourself on the back for donating to Invisible Children

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In light of the meteoric popularity of Invisible Children, I find myself shaking with rage.
Stop joining charity bandwagons to make yourself feel better about the countless injustices in the world that we are lucky enough not to face. Read about these things everyday, write your government officials once a week, participate in charities like Partners in Health and Kiva (which gives funding directly to the people)regularly, not just because all your friends are doing it.

Don’t just fork over twenty dollars via the internet to some affluent white teenagers who are going to use that money to take a trip to Uganda and miraculously alleviate the plight of the Ugandan people.


This video by Zizek is not only a great criticism on the matter of “charity” at large, but it is also a great visual work and I really hope people take the time to look at this and consider this perspective.

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