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Created Assignment: Make your own Jackson Pollock

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For this assignment, I thought it would be fun for people to recreate famous works of art, but I thought it might be too difficult, so I narrowed it down to Jackson Pollock–the famous splatter paint artist. This is a good assignment to play with colors and different brush stroke effects.



I created this by opening a new blank file on Adobe photoshop. I created a rectangle and filled it with the paint bucket with the canvas-like off white color. I first used the “oil medium wet flow”  under the default brushes of the paint brush tool to create the pink and light blue swirly lines. I then used black sponge brush to create the blackish  layer. I used another sponge brush to create the light orange lined pattern. For the rest of the patterns I manipulated the size of the “prickly’ brush until the pen pressure brush tool as well as the different colors. I did some splatter paint patterns, and then dragged the paint brush to give the textured lines.

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